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Coal Mining Accidents and Deaths

Ranson Law Offices has successfully represented miners injured or killed on the job including claims arising from coal mining accidents.

Coal has been mined in West Virginia for over two centuries and coal mining has been a way of life for generations and the source of income for West Virginia families for years.

At Ranson Law Offices, we understand the importance of coal mining and that when a coal miner is injured he or she is unable to provide for their family and maintain a decent standard of living. Ranson Law Offices will fight for the family who has lost a loved one in a mine disaster and for workers injured in a mine accident. Ranson Law Offices has more than three decades of experience helping injured miners and their families pursue maximum compensation.  Our firm has handled all types of mining accidents, including:

  • Gas or Methane explosions
  • Coal Dust explosions
  • Fires
  • Roof cave-ins or Mine collapse
  • Heavy machinery accidents
  • Trapped Miners
  • Mine car accidents
  • Longwall shield collapse
  • Collapsing mine and man doors
  • Mine equipment defects
  • Improper Use of Explosives
  • Lack of safety gear

Ranson Law Offices has a proven track record in Mining Accident and Death cases throughout the State of West Virginia and is available to help any injured miner or the family of an injured miner.

Ranson Law Results

Settlement in one of the worst mining disasters in history which killed 29 miners and injured at least 21 miners after a finding that flagrant safety violations contributed to the explosion

Settlement for death coal miner who was crushed by kettle bottom while working on a continuous miner machine

Settlement after three days of trial for coal miner who suffered partial paralysis after man door fell striking him in the back