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Wrongful Termination

Does your firing seem unjustified?

If your employer did not give you a good reason for your termination and you think it was related to your age, disability, gender, race, or sexual orientation, you may have a wrongful termination claim.

Many wrongful termination claims become the employer’s word against the employee’s.  Ranson Law Offices will work to expose the underlying motivation for the termination. Ranson Law Offices will contact witnesses, review any prior disciplinary actions, assess your prior work history and create a compelling claim to challenge your termination.

Ranson Law Offices is very experienced in litigating wrongful termination cases. In order to protect your rights, it is advisable to contact Ranson Law Offices soon after the wrongful termination occurs.

Ranson Law Results

Settlement with a hospital for wrongfully terminating a Trauma Flight Nurse after she gave notice of her pregnancy

Employee working as a Janitor asked to go home to change clothes because he had shingles and the treatment prescription made him develop diarrhea. Employer demanded employee stay at work while his body is covered in feces. Employee was terminated and his termination was determined to be a violation of public policy.

Employee terminated for missing work for Worker’s Compensation related injury while on light duty from injury and termination was determined to be violation of law.

Employee terminated after 21 years for missing 2 days around Christmas due to illness.  Employee provided supervisor with doctors excuses but was fired for Absenteeism.  Employee believed fired for age of 70.  Employee was often singled out by manager who frequently told employee she needed to retire.