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Defective Product Injuries

Ranson Law Offices handles a variety of cases arising from injuries suffered due to dangerous, defective or unsafe products. These cases cover all types of claims, including dangerous prescription drug cases, railroad disasters, tire defects and SUV rollover accidents. The successes we have achieved on behalf of our clients is due to the experience and knowledge of our lawyers and staff.

Even if it is very difficult and expensive to prove that a product is defective, many lawyers simply refuse to handle such cases. Product liability cases require extra time, effort, research and analysis. They should be handled by an experienced personal injury attorney who is familiar with product liability cases.

Our experienced law firm has a proven track record in product liability cases of all sizes, including multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements.

Ranson Law Results

Settlement against major waste management company for serious injury to hand of garbage worker who was deliberately exposed to dangerous pinch point created by his employer

Settlement with major farming equipment company in a product liability case for a man whose arm was amputated by a hay baler without a kill switch

Settlement for injury to factory worker who was struck in the head by a malfunctioning arm in a machine after employer removed lockout/tagout

Settlement against industrial floor mat supplier when factory worker slipped and injured back

Multi-Million Dollar verdict against Champ Service Line in a product liability case for a 21 year old man who was paralyzed in a car crash after the Champ lug nuts deformed causing the car wheel to crack and the car to veer