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Wrongful Death Claims

A wrongful death is when someone passes away due to the fault of another party. Ranson Law Offices will present the evidence needed to show that the fault of another caused the death of your loved one.

There are circumstances that must exist to pursue a case:

  • The death must have been caused by the conduct of whoever is being sued.
  • The conduct causing the death must have been at least negligent in causing the death;
  • There must be a surviving spouse, children, dependents or beneficiaries who have suffered monetary damages such as loss of income, funeral and medical expenses, etc.

A wrongful death claim can only be pursued by the personal representative of the estate of the deceased. West Virginia has set procedures governing how these lawsuits proceed, and Ranson Law Offices can be your source of information regarding these laws and guide you to a satisfactory resolution.

Ranson Law Results

Settlement with major convenient store chain for shooting death of store clerk who was shot by customer while clerk was on smoke break

Settlement with major convenient store chain for the drowning death of employee forced to stay at work when flood waters were rising into the store