Winning is our Business at Ranson Law Offices

Ranson Law Offices has successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of their clients. The following types of cases are just a small sampling of the many successful verdicts and settlements achieved over the years.

Multi-Million Dollar verdict against Champ Service Line in a product liability case for a 21 year old man who was paralyzed in a car crash after the Champ lug nuts deformed causing the car wheel to crack and the car to veer

Multi-Million Dollar verdict against drunk driver who struck family impaling and killing teenage daughter in back seat in presence of siblings

Multi-Million Dollar verdict with major aluminum manufacturer for a worker who was seriously injured after lock out/tag out was disconnected by employer

Multi-Million Dollar settlement after trial for age discrimination committed against 40 long time employees over the age of 40 years

Settlement in one of the worst mining disasters in history which killed 29 miners and injured at least 21 miners after a finding that flagrant safety violations contributed to the explosion

Settlement for injury to highway worker when motor vehicle struck traffic barrel resulting in amputation of worker’s leg

Settlement for injury to factory worker who was struck in the head by a malfunctioning arm in a machine after employer removed lockout/tag out

Settlement against a major life insurance company for bad faith denial of life insurance proceeds to a minor

Settlement with major convenient store chain for shooting death of store clerk who was shot by customer while clerk was on smoke break

Settlement with hospital and surgeon after a foreign object left in patient’s body

Settlement against industrial floor mat supplier when factory worker slipped and injured back

Settlement for workers who were injured after being directed by employer to walk on air supported structure without fall protection

Settlement for death coal miner who was crushed by kettle bottom while working on a continuous miner machine

Settlement for a worker whose spine was injured after he was kicked in the back by his supervisor who was engaging in horseplay

Settlement with major trucking company for man paralyzed when a truck driver failed to activate the hazard lights or the warning triangles while parked in the roadway and man was struck by passing motorist attempt to avoid the tractor trailer

Settlement with major insurance company for committing third party bad faith for violating the West Virginia Human Rights Act

Settlement with major convenient store chain for the drowning death of employee forced to stay at work when flood waters were rising into the store

Settlement with Produce Company for failure to pay fair wages to its employees

Settlement with major drug store chain for personal injury caused by flu-shot vaccination administered in the store

Settlement after three days of trial for coal miner who suffered partial paralysis after man door fell striking him in the back

Settlement against major waste management company for serious injury to hand of garbage worker who was deliberately exposed to dangerous pinch point created by his employer

Settlement with homeowner insurance company for committing bad faith against its own insured for failure to pay for the total fire loss of their home

Settlement against insurance company for committing bad faith against its own insured for failure to pay for damage after contamination of water

Settlement for burn to eyes of operator when pressure blew shooting dangerous chemicals into the workers eyes after employer failed to obtain a line/equipment opening permit

Settlement with homeowner insurance company for committing bad faith for failure to pay its insured for the total loss of personal property after a fire

Settlement with a hospital for wrongfully terminating a Trauma Flight Nurse after she gave notice of her pregnancy

Settlement with three major utility companies for a 12-year old boy who while riding his bicycle suffered an extensive leg injury after striking unmarked utility lines

Settlement with hospital for death of 17 year old who suffered extensive brain damage and then death after the failure to diagnose and treat post-partum eclampsia

Settlement with major farming equipment company in a product liability case for a man whose arm was amputated by a hay baler without a kill switch